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Struggling with feelings related to the pandemic? Move from darkness into light! 

These compact Emergency Emotions Set are a FREE GIFT

The Coronavirus quarantine began in spring 2020, months before the September release of Dream Up Now. Rayne and Lesley knew teens needed support with specific emotions teens were dealing with during the pandemic, so these exclusive compact emotions sets were created. They are exclusive and not appear in the journal.

You are invited to shared these Emergency Emotions Sets with teens ages 12-18, and any parents, teachers, or organizations who would find them useful for young people struggling with being at home:

I Feel…Disappointed / I Feel…Fulfilled

I Feel…Fear / I Feel…Safety

I Feel…Stress / I Feel…Calm

I Feel…Isolated / I Feel…Belonging

Young Poets Society Podcast featured on Bainbridge Pod Accomplice

CB8ED9E3-3137-437B-87F0-E0937268A263When Amanda Gorman took the inaugural stage on January 20th, she inspired the nation with her dazzling vision of hope. She also made poetry cool again. In this episode, eight young poets share their own hopes, inspiration, and poetry in a series of conversations with Bainbridge High School 9th grader, Evelyn Cantwell. Four of them are from Kitsap County, and four attend New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While the two groups are geographically distant, they are bound by their mutual love of truth-seeking and the interplay of rhythm and words.

I am incredibly honored and thankful to have helped bring the Young Poets Society episode to fruition.

7 diverse YA books that desperately need their own soundtrack

In the spirit of the diverse universe of Young Adult music lovers everywhere, I’d like to recommend these seven books featuring music-obsessed teen protagonists, in addition to my own novel, A SONG FOR THE ROAD.
Check out the music innovators and influencers I’ve highlighted in each category to start building your own historically significant (and ubercool) playlists.

“I wondered whether music might not be a unique example of what might have been – if the invention of language had not intervened — the means of communication between souls.” —Marcel Proust (REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST)

CFC62C84-4C85-46C7-BE93-3B443DA9558DGrief, Loss and Letting Go (a 3-part creative writing journey)

This is one of my most popular (and transformational) creative writing activities for teens–and anyone who has ever lost a family member, friend, pet, or moved away from a close friend. One of the most difficult — and life-changing — emotions humans experience is grief. What kinds of loss have left you feeling grief? Explore your feelings with this creative writing journey.


8 YA Books Proving Art and Music Can Save You

I work with a lot of creative teens, and continually observe how making art alleviates pain. Music and art don’t judge, they consider the whole person, and they just may save your life — literally. (But sometimes your figurative self needs rescuing, too.) Music and art allow you to finally feel understood, and give you a way to communicate your feelings when words alone are not sufficient. I believe the purpose of art is to express something we’re not yet, but we can become. If you’re curious about how music or art can save you, allow me to recommend these music- and art-themed YA books exploring high school life, family relationships, depression, substance use, body image, dating, and the future.

“In writing songs I’ve learned as much from Cezanne as I ave from Woody Guthrie.” –Bob Dylan

RADIO HEAD Book Club Questions

Rayne’s debut novel, Radio Head, features Shelby Rey, a young woman who believes she can hear music inside others, just by touching them. She offers open-ended discussion topics for Book Clubs, ranging from music appreciation to the consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and addiction.