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51448664-CE80-4C1B-A3D0-CE3DC8FD8BECColorful Language: Falling in Love with the Speech Rhythms of the American Southwest


Establishing A Teen Creative Writing Workshop (a guest post by author Rayne Lacko) 

Your Library and Beyond: Building Positive Relationships with Creative Teens in The Community (a guest post by author Rayne Lacko)

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How Consent Can Help You Become More YOU


Five Ways to Write What You Want to Understand


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Help Students Manage the Difficult Emotions of Going Back to School During a Pandemic Free Spirit


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Five ways Parents can Help Prevent Cyberbullying

A Brave Face – Victims Disfigured by Domestic Violence Can Get Life-Changing Help 

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Teens can Improve Creativity, Relieve Anxiety by Meditating 

How Alzheimer’s Caregivers Use Enhanced Music to Recover Lost Memories

Why Teen Need Their Music: Part I. Secrets for Parents


How Music Can Improve Your Teen’s Self-Esteem


Like Father, Like Son Wordhaus – Voted BEST OF WORDHAUS for its category, Thriller/Horror (2015)

Clothes The Door Gravel

RADIO HEAD, a novel Book excerpt, Mixtape Methodology

It Was Easier Mixtape Methodology

Short Story: Letter to a Librettist Skyline


Writer Ariel Chart International Literary Journal


Victoria Theodore and the Musical Life Mixtape Methodology

A Brief Examination of High And Mighty Low’s “Blackbird” Mixtape Methodology

alt rock band Minus The Bear on the art of song-writing collaboration, Mixtape Methodology

Rock musician Alex Rose on transmodal neuroplasticity and making music, Mixtape Methodology
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