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Get certified to lead SEL workshops with teens!

Asynchronous online course

Love yourself and treat yourself to a dream career!

When you were a teen, was there one special teacher, coach, or parent who believed in you — who really listened and tried to understand you? 

(Or do you wish you’d had some real support, but never found it?)

The youth of today depend on trustworthy leaders like you who want to create a positive impact. Leaders who… 

  • Encourage art as a healthy form of expression
  • Inspire young minds to gain confidence and courage
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness

In just 6 easy steps, you’ll learn how to lead young people to create their world through art, grow in confidence, identify and achieve goals, and gain self-awareness.

—Change your teen community’s mindset for the better.
—Drive consistency in social-emotional programming.
—Lead with ease.

Quickly establish a successful program that meets the needs of a wide spectrum of young people.

Course curriculum

Module One: Why Dream Up Now, Now?

Module 1: Why Dream Up Now, Now?
Module 1.1 – How Dream Up Now Works
Module 1.2 – The Power of Making Art to Express Emotions
Module 1.3 – Do Teens Really Want to Attend an Arts-based, Social-Emotional Workshop?
Module 1.4 Implement and Share

Module Two: Organizing a One-day Pop-up Camp

Module Two: Organizing a One-day Pop-up Camp
Module 2.1 – How to Organize a Standalone Workshop
Module 2.2 – How to Organize A Three-Hour Pop-Up Camp
Module 2.3 – The Big Idea
Module 2.4 – Implement and Share

Module Three: The Workshop Ingredient That Changes Lives

Module Three: The Workshop Ingredient That Changes Lives
Module 3.1 – What is Circle Time
Module 3.2 – Circle Time Guide: The Mindset Shift
Module 3.3 – Your Feedback Sets the Tone
The EMOTE Feedback Method
Module 3.4 – Implement and Share

Module Four: Organizing a Customized Six-Week Workshop

Module Four: Organizing a Customized Six-Week Workshop
Module 4.1 – Make a Plan For Success
Module 4.2 – Key Observations for Leaders
Module 4.3 – Tell Your Own Artist Story
Module 4.4 Implement and Share

Module Five – How to Move from Darkness into Light

Module Five – How to Move from Darkness into Light
Module 5.1 – We Are What We Repeatedly Do — For Better Or Worse
Module 5.2 – Self-Care
Module 5.3 – Create a Customized Self-Care Pentagon
Module 5.3 – The Self-Care Pentagon
Module 5.4 – Implement and Share

Module Six – Master Your Workshop for Ongoing Service and Greatness

Module Six – Master Your Workshop for Ongoing Service and Greatness
Module 6.1 – Getting Started and Building Community
Module 6.2 – An Overview of All the Emotions Sets, Bonus Pages and Resources
Module 6.3 – Create Your Workshop Blueprint
Module 6.4 – Schedule Your Live Certification Webinar!


Micro Goal Record
Summation Word Record
Checklist of Leader Characteristics
Feelings Flowchart
The Big Idea (poster)
Leadership Tools for Your Life and Your School
Best Stuff in the World (exclusive Bonus Page)
Who Am I (exclusive Bonus Page)
(Re)Write The Script (exclusive Bonus Page)
Case Study – Measure your success
About the Authors


Creative Ways to Help Students Manage Their Emotions

Your choice: Live, online training; OR live, in-person training; OR asynchronous online course

This presentation will be of interest to educators of students in grades 6 through 12, school and district leaders, librarians, counselors and coaches, and curriculum directors. *Contents have been approved for PD in many schools, districts, and states and will provide a CE certificate. Length: 50 minutes.

Integrating art and creative projects into your classroom curriculum is a great way to help students gain self-awareness of their emotions, discover safe ways to express difficult feelings, and make proactive choices toward setting and meeting goals. Art comes in many forms, and all persons are inherently creative. In this presentation, we’ll remove the roadblocks to establishing a flourishing creative environment in your classroom.

Using hands-on, personalized projects with tools every student already has, you’ll discover how to direct students to independently shift from a dark, challenging emotion to a light, empowering emotion. You’ll find a variety of creative approaches to self-expression that encourage students to find their talents, build stronger peer connections, and set and achieve personal goals.

During this presentation, attendees will:

  • Review what creativity is and what art looks like to students
  • Explore creative and art activities that acknowledge and honor all emotions
  • Discover the importance of implementing an arts-based peer group for students
  • Learn about tools that are accessible to classroom teachers to develop creative activities

“I needed this webinar for ME, not just to help my students. Thank you!” -JANET AREHART

What’s included:

1 Let’s Get Started

-What is Dream Up Now?
-Who we are: meet the authors
-Creativity is a language
-The BIG IDEA01:49

2 SEL Tools You Can Use NOW

-Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
-Who Am I (free downloadable!)
-Free-Drawing for Positivity
-Best Stuff in the World (free downloadable!)
-(Re)Write The Script (free downloadable!)
-Organizing Your Thoughts
-Dancing/Body Awareness
-SEL Journaling
-Drawing & Collage

3 The Social-Emotional Learning Method that Changes Lives

-What is SEL Circle Time
-True or False Quiz!
-Vulnerability & Authenticity
-Five Ways Meeting as a Group can Alleviate Anxiety
-Micro-Goal Record (free downloadable!)
-How Educators Made It Work
-Three Things We Want You to Remember

“Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation. I plan to have my students use the journal this coming year.” -NANCY SMITH

—————– Two Ways to Learn! —————–

————— OR —————-

Live, online – unlimited attendees

Creative Ways to Help Students Manage Their Emotions – online presentation


FREE online mini-course! Learn to meditate

Just for Teens

Improve Creativity, Relieve Anxiety by Meditating

 Meditation will help teens:

  • Increase self-confidence 
  • Ease anxiety
  • Greater self-awareness 
  • Foster kindness to self 
  • Improved brain function 

This mini-course includes 4 different ways to try meditation. Which one is best for you?

  1. The Old School 
  2. The Anti-Spiral
  3. The Tech Fix
  4. The Powerhouse
The Original DREAM UP NOW Workshop for teens ages 11-18 years

The Dream Up Now Workshop for Teens – LIVE

Make Art, Feel Good!

Dream Up Now offers a safe space for creative self-expression of all emotions, both positive and negative. Every emotion is valid in this journal, and teens are encouraged to move from dark (negative) to light (positive) emotions.

Online, synchronous 6-week transformational workshop for teens ages 12-18.

Explore the wild space of your personal feelings, likes and dislikes through activities from Dream Up Now, a creative journal that supports you as you navigate emotions and learn to turn them into opportunities to reach your goals. You may discover a creative talent you didn’t know you had while curating a playlist, writing (maybe a story, poem, letter, postcard, or even a song), meditating–or cutting and pasting if that’s more your speed. This safe space will help you figure out who you are, and what really matters to you. Every student receives a copy of the Dream Up Now journal. 

Learn more. Lead by Rayne Lacko. Available to schools, libraries, after-school programs, therapeutic centers, churches, rehab facilities and detention centers.
Fun, arts-based, social-emotional journeys from darkness into light for students aged 11–18. Workshops are custom designed by theme, desired outcome, or the specific needs of teen groups. The Dream Up Now workshop is a cost-effective solution to managing fluctuating teen emotions while supporting positive mental health and helping teens set and accomplish personal goals.

Dream Up Now workshop

Workshops are $49.95 per participant, including a copy of the journal for each, 6 workshop sessions of 90 minutes each, and fun, downloadable extras. Minimum number of participants per 6-session workshop: 5. Maximum number of participants per 6-session workshop: 16.