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Self-guided Journal for Teens. Arts-Based, Social-Emotional.

I love how it can really teach students how to express their feelings.” 


—Stephanie Filio, M.Ed


Leadership. Asynchronous Online Course

When you were a teen, was there one special teacher, coach, or parent who really listened and understood you? 

Become that person through this course!

Fiction. Young Adult, Coming of Age and Adventure

A sweet, twangy tale about a boy finding his future on the way to his past.”


—Kirkus Reviews   

Printable Activities for Students


Activities and creative writing worksheets that are multicultural, wholistic and solution-focused perspectives designed by Rayne!


Leadership. Online or Live Course


Perfect for teachers in grades 6 through 12, school and district leaders, librarians, counselors and coaches, and curriculum directors.


Public Speaking and Workshops


With degrees in Canada and USA, Rayne aspires to inspire others to live he wish to live, building the confidence to achieve their goals.

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