A Song for The Road starts when fifteen year-old Carter Danforth and is trapped in his Tulsa home which was destroyed by a tornado.

With Carter having nothing but his father’s custom made guitar to keep him company, his injured mother orders him to fly out his sister. 

Unfortunately, he has no money to fund his journey. Instead of sharing his dilemma to his hurting mom, he embarks on an epic road trip in search of his father in Santa Monica. But Carter isn’t a runaway. He reckons he’s a “running to.”

Join Carter on his quest to be with his father and sister and discover adventures, lessons and the other transformational characters he will meet on his way to help him tell the truth of his life through music.

“Creativity, Victory, Heart, Discipline—four words that mean so much to the main character and a common thread that the author weaves throughout.


This is an entertaining tale about love and family and how it looks a little different for everyone.” 


—The Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Praise for 'A Song For The Road'