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611CD978-B6AF-468A-8AD6-601168EF389DJoin Rayne Lacko and Gem Seddon for TEEN WRITERS WORKSHOP on Zoom!
This seminal program originated at the Bainbridge Island branch several years ago, and now makes the transition to the virtual format! It’s FREE and there’s no registration required.

Today, Monday, November 9, 4:30-5:30pm (Pacific)

This supportive, informal group is the place for teen writers! Share your current work-in-progress, learn about writing opportunities, and pick up pointers for Nanowrimo. Short story writers, poets, novelists, screenwriters, graphic novelists, songwriters, sketchers and doodlers are welcome! A safe, inclusive space for all persons.

Join us here:

DREAM UP NOW WORKSHOP – September 30 – November 4, on Zoom!

e77e929a-b4f2-464e-88ea-c558fbc9f784FREE social-emotional workshop JUST for teens in grades 7 and 8!! In partnership with Bainbridge Youth Services. Sign up here.

Are you interested in learning how to better relate to your strong emotions or just want to set aside time for creativity?

Do you sometimes feel stressed or lonely? Do you want a space where you can talk about what really matters to you? If so, then this is the workshop for you!

By joining in various fun, playful and creative art forms, you will learn new skills to help you manage your often-changing, sometimes overwhelming, emotions and support your mental health. You can learn more at

Who: 7th and 8th-grade students
What: 6 sessions Facilitated by Rayne Lacko & Lesley Holmes
When: Wednesdays, Sept 30-Nov 4, 3:30-4:45
Where: via Zoom
Cost: Free! Includes free Dream Up Now Journal Are you interested in learning how to better relate to your strong emotions or just want to set aside time for creativity?

Sign up here.


611CD978-B6AF-468A-8AD6-601168EF389DJoin Rayne Lacko and teen librarian Gem Seddon for Teen Writers’ Workshop!

Fresh for 2020! Join us for 5-Minute Playwright. On January 9, we begin brainstorming plots and creating characters for writing 5-minute plays. We will use the 3-Act structure as outlined in the workshop handout. At our February 13th Teen Writers’ Workshop, we will refine our dialogue and action, add nuance, deepen surprises and twists—and make sure our plays are formatted for the stage. At our March 12th Teen Writers’ Workshop, we welcome students from Bainbridge Performing Arts’ Theater School to perform our plays. Finally, at Teen Creatives Live in April, you are invited to present your play with the cast of our choice!

Teen Writers’ Workshop is open to all creatives in grades 7-12 seeking to better understand story structure, character motivation and arc, and how emotions fuel a narrative.
We welcome short story writers, novelists, screenwriters, graphic novelists, songwriters, sketchers and doodlers are welcome! We offer a safe, inclusive space for all persons.

Students will receive a writing prompt that includes a built-in conflict and emotional component, and can write in any genre, category, or at any level — or create a drawing or series of drawings that tell a visual story.
Students will also receive 1:1 editing/coaching, and can choose from a menu of 5 styles of editing. Support is offered to everyone at every level. Free, including snacks!

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Join authors Rayne Lacko and Margaret Nevinski for their annual, filled-to-capacity summer camp, free to writers in grades 7-12. We’ll create our own literary magazine, visit Bainbridge Museum of Art for ekphrastic writing, and learn advanced writing techniques for prose, novels, poems, short stories, essays, and plays. Suitable for all levels. A supportive, encouraging and safe environment for all persons.

June 24-27, 2pm – 4pm
Bainbridge Public Library, Bainbridge Island, WA
Free to teens in grades 7-12

Learn more here:

TEEN STORY  SLAM 6 – April 11, 2019

E82F3CA3-475C-441C-A3BA-CED3CEC8C1F7Hello teen creative writers, singers and actors—and those who encourage them! TEEN STORY SLAM 6 is coming to Bainbridge Performing Arts on Thursday, April 11 from 6:30-8 pm !

A fun, free, and exciting evening of literature, drama, and music, Teen Story Slam 6 is a wonderful opportunity for teens to share their original work. Kitsap area teens in grades 7-12 in are invited to read/recite/perform an original:

—short story
—scene from a novel
—scene for up to four players

(The rules are few and simple: 5 minutes in length, original compositions only, PG content.) Every level, genre and category is welcome. Prizes given to all participants!

Teen Story Slam 6 is a FREE event, sponsored by Bainbridge Public Library. (Donations are welcome at the door, and will help support BPL’s Teen Writers Workshop, and Teen Creative Writing Summer Camp, which are both free to students in grades 7-12.) Bainbridge Performing Arts is opening its doors and sharing its stage for you and your students. This is truly a community effort!

Bring your family, friends, and neighbors to cheer the readers on!


Kicking off a new unit on short story writing, Rayne spent the day at Woodward Middle School talking with eighth grade students about favorite protagonists, what they want, and what motivates them. The class examined the importance of character flaws, and how vulnerability (as opposed to competence) is often the key to encouraging a reader to care about the protagonist’s journey to believing in him/her/themself.


Read your short story, poem, or a scene from your novel! To celebrate Halloween, storytellers are encouraged to present a thriller, horror, surprise plot-twist, or magic realism.
Only 3 rules: Original works only; five min max; PG content.

Not ready to read? Be a part of the supportive audience and just listen to the stories.
All teens welcome. Every storyteller gets a prize.

Thursday October 25, 2018
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Venue TBD
Students in grades 7-12


Time for YOU! Explore the wild space of your personal feelings, likes and dislikes through activities from DREAM UP NOW, a soon-to-be-released workbook that supports you as you navigate emotions and learn to turn them into opportunities to reach your goals. You will grow — and possibly discover a creative talent you didn’t know you had — while exploring the museum’s exhibits, making music, writing (maybe a story, poem, letter, postcard, or even a song), meditating, or cutting and pasting if that’s more your speed. This workshop creates a safe space for you to become more you.

July 16-20, 2018
Session 1: 9:30am – 12pm
Session 2: 1pm – 3:30pm
Bainbridge Museum of Art, WA
Students entering grades 8-11


Over 4 days, learn how to bring characters to life, create engaging dialogue, or build an exciting world. Get a 1:1 consultation with authors Margaret Nevinski and Rayne Lacko. Hear about strategies for when you’re stuck, and information on navigating the world of publishing. Bring pieces you’re currently working on to get feedback from a peer group if you wish, or start something new. Submit a piece to the camp literary magazine. This is a supportive, informal group that will help take your writing to the next level.

2pm – 4pm
Students entering grades 7 – 12

April 18, 2018, 6:30 pm – 8 pm / Open to students in grades 7-12
1352 - Teen Story Slam_LL

Read your short story, poem, or a scene from your novel. We’re thrilled to have BHS Creative Writing teacher Noah Barfield return as our MC!
Join us at Island Cool Frozen Yogurt on Wednesday April 18, 6:30 – 8pm
(Five min max, PG content, friends and fans of literature welcome!)

Or, be a part of the supportive audience and just listen to the stories. All teens welcome. Every storyteller gets a prize.
Learn more here.


Rayne had the honor of presenting RADIO HEAD to Oscar nominees, actors, recording artists and press at a pre-Oscar Awards party at the W Hotel in Hollywood! She met some fabulous people, from the legendary Maria Conchita Alonso, to up and coming actors who score roles pretty much everywhere, Austin Mincks and Bill Parks! As a Middle Grade writer and fangirl, she was thrilled to meet Dee Wallace, star of the show, Just Add Magic. Rayne and her sons and binge-watched the excellent MG-targeted Amazon series. Thanks to visual artist and friend Jason Mascow for taking photos.

November 16, 2017
todayWith the support of Westside Pizza and the Kitsap Regional Library, Rayne’s creative writing “dream team” threw Teen Story Slam 3,  packing the house again. Local high school teacher (and playwright) Noah Barfield was a fabulous emcee. Parents, teachers, and adults lined the back of the restaurant, while every table was packed with teen writers and their friends. The peer support was phenomenal. Around the room, tears were shed for poignant pieces about gender roles, the loss of love, and facing grief head-on. Conversely, there were comedians among the writers, earning cheers, hoots of laughter, and huge rounds of applause. It was incredible. Each time Rayne and her team host Teen Story Slam, the community of student writers elevate the event beyond their dreams, displaying talent, maturity, insight, and bravery.
With the encouragement of friends and the awesome vibes coming from the audience, a few who’d sworn they wouldn’t read pulled up stories on their phones and took to the mic for an impromptu reading. One made up a fantastic story on the spot, and others read twice!

Rayne Lacko is thrilled to announce that Reading Opens Minds has chosen RADIO HEAD for book club participants, thanks in part to a generous donation from the John Aaroe Group. Reading Opens Mindsa non-profit organization, brings the book club experience to at-risk adults and children in the Los Angeles area through county jails, halfway houses, and schools. The mission of Reading Opens Minds is to promote literacy in at-risk communities through book clubs, empowering individuals, building relationships, and inspiring hope. Thank you to Colin Kelly and the John Aaroe Group for their generous award! The first club to receive copies of RADIO HEAD was the Sun Valley Magnet School Leadership Book Club. Colin was kind enough to present the award to the Book Club!

Designed to reach those most in need, Reading Opens Minds book clubs encourage the shared experience of reading and discussion to nurture self-worth, foster empathy, encourage meaningful communication and increase sense of community. By providing new books and mentors we envision comprehensive literacy as a gateway to success and an opportunity to expand understanding, benefiting individuals and the greater good. Learn more at


Calling all Kitsap area teens in grades 7-12! Join authors Rayne Lacko and Margaret Nevinski for a jam-packed week building your work-in-progress, creating new characters and stories, and strengthening your writing muscles. Every day, we’ll provide writing prompts and activities to stretch your creativity and range. We even have a special camp theme: Character motivation. (Why do our characters act, talk and behave the way they do? Let’s explore!) We’ll sharpen dialogue, delve into interactive memoir using Storybooth, and venture into ekphrastic writing with an art expert at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA). (Bonus points if you know what “ekphrastic” means!) Starting the week  in a dramatic setting, we’ll take over the auditorium at BIMA on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, we’ll meet up at our traditional writing headquarters at KRL’s Bainbridge Island Community Room, where we will be among the very first to use the refreshed and renovated space! Prepare to be impressed and writing in comfort and style:)

Wait, there’s more! Margaret and Rayne will provide one-on-one consultation each day, campers will share their prose in The Writers’ Circle, and we will produce our own Literary Magazine. If that isn’t enough, we’re also hosting a A Reading and Celebration of the Teen Writing Camp at BARN! The Friday evening celebration will feature our own intimate Spoken Word event for all camp participants. Invite your family and friends to hear your stories, chapters, poems, and/or essays. Dessert will be served. 

Our teen librarian Stefanie Reddy will provide yummy snacks daily. Your work-in-progress will thank you, and that shiny new journal will love the smell of fresh ink. We can’t wait to write with you!

With the support of Island Cool Frozen Yogurt, the Kitsap Regional Library, and the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network, Rayne Lacko and her creative writing dream team threw another lit party, and packed another venue. The stories were outstanding!
teenstoryslamApril17The peer support was overwhelming. Local teens and their friends came early and grabbed the couches and floor space directly in front of the mic. They demonstrated such love, encouragement and acceptance of one another’s words and efforts. Wow! Rayne said, “It’s a privilege to share these kids’ writing journeys. Teen Story Slam is good for the heart!”
Teen writing co-mentor Margaret Nevinski said, “What a wonderful evening! Our teens are so incredible. So wonderful to see families and other teen supporters show up. These community events are so cool.” There were teens who came to listen but not participate. With the encouragement of friends and the support of a rapt audience, a few pulled up stories on their phones and took to the mic for an impromptu reading. “Nick F. decided to read because his friends did,” Margaret noted. “So proud of our teens.”


Rayne was invited to present RADIO HEAD to 100 young Emmy hopefuls. The day was spent meeting young actors, bands, and recording artists who have been tapped to pick up an Emmy.


A familiar face appeared before her, and sherealized it was Sloane Morgan Siegel, the uber-talented young actor who played Gortimer on Amazon’s Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. “My heart filled with the kind of happiness you feel when a kid you love graduates and you realize how impressed you are with the young person he or she has become. I owe tremendous gratitude to the writers of Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. The mix of magic realism, authentic relationships, humor, and thoughtful approaches to real-life family issues has been hugely inspirational for me,” Rayne

An excellent TV show is as transcendent and emotionally powerful as a beautifully written book. Siegel’s Middle-Grade show marked their transition from “little kid” stories to wrestling with bigger questions about friendships, family, and school. david-bloom-2While Rayne’s sons liked the mysteries and laugh-out-loud humor, she couldn’t make it through a Normal Street episode without crying. The show depicts what growing up is all about, and often the lessons are bittersweet. Sloane’s portrayal of Gortimer, and the adventures and conflicts explored by the trio of main characters, including Ranger (Drew Justice) and Mel (Ashley Boettcher), riveted Rayne’s family.

August 31, 2016

Rayne will be presenting RADIO HEAD at Liberty Bay Books as part of Bremerton’s 1st Friday Art Walk.

5:00pm to 8:00pm on Friday, September 2, 2016

409 Pacific Ave,liberty bay Bremerton, WA 98337

Liberty Bay Books is located next next to Hot Java Café. Pacific Ave. is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, retailers, and art galleries –  a perfect location for an indie bookstore! 

Please shop local! You can purchase RADIO HEAD online at, here.