8 tips for helping teens feel a deep sense of love and belonging

We all want our kids to feel loved. As middle- and high-schoolers grow into adulthood, they experience the myriad joys and disappointments life throws their way. A strong sense of belonging, and of being loved, will support and comfort your teen through the inevitable successes and hardships they’ll experience. But how can we, as parents, […]

What Teenagers do to Heal

How Art Helps Teenagers Heal When it comes to expressing negative emotions, children and teens may feel tempted to rely on raising their voices, a physical outburst, or saying something they might later regret. Among the many tools for teaching the healthy expression of difficult feelings, the arts offer much fun, engaging, stress-relieving benefits that […]

Become a Social-Emotional Teacher Today!

The Importance of SEL in Adults and Children Being a teen today is harder than ever. We now know that social-emotional learning is integral to education and human development. “SEL advances educational equity and excellence through authentic school-family-community partnerships to establish learning environments and experiences, says Diane M. Hoffman in her peer-reviewed journal article, “Reflecting […]

The Importance of SEL in Adults and Children

The number on question I hear from parents is, “What is social-emotional learning (SEL) and what difference does it make?” Here’s how I answer that question – with one important note that’s dear to my heart – SEL isn’t just great for kids, it’s essential for the adults teaching and caring for them, too. SEL […]