6 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Self-Soothe During the Holidays

The holiday season often inspires a wild rollercoaster of emotions in children. As wonderful and exciting as the holidays may be, it can also be a time of overstimulation for children aged 4-11, leading to stress and anxiety.

To help children self-soothe during this time, here are 6 effective tips:

Lead by example. Children learn by observing adults, so modeling self-soothing techniques like deep breathing and stretching can help them manage stress1

Deep breathing. Guide children through deep breathing exercises to help them manage and reduce stress and anxiety1, 2

Use 5 senses. Teach children to use their senses to calm down, such as visualizing a peaceful place, listening to calming music, or cuddling in a soft blanket


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For children in grades K-2:

Learning emotional vocabulary and building self-reliance has never been more important.

Use these fun activities to help young children learn to express their feelings in a healthy way, nurturing successful relationships in the home, classroom, and on the playground!

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Affirm calmness. Encourage children to use empowering phrases or mantras to replace negative thoughts, such as “I am calm, strong, capable, and loved”

Make space for calm. Create a designated “Calm Down Space” in your home where children can retreat when they feel overwhelmed

Be patient. It’s important to be patient when helping children learn self-soothing techniques, as it may take time for them to effectively implement these strategies



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As you can see, staying calm is something you can do together with your child! By incorporating these tips, children can develop effective coping skills and manage their emotions in a healthy way, even during the often chaotic holiday season.

What’s your favorite way to calm down and self-soothe?

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