Three age-appropriate social media platforms for kids… and one to think twice about

Did you child receive a new device over the holidays? Or perhaps you’re concerned about who is sending your child private messages, or the types of ads they may encounter.

The following platforms are tailored to provide a safe and engaging online experience for children, with age-appropriate content and safety features.

It’s important for parents to review and understand the features of each platform to ensure they align with their child’s needs and safety.

Three age-appropriate social media platforms for children include:

ChatFOSS (14 and older): This free app was specifically designed by parents and teachers as a safe place for teens to use social media. ChatFOSS combines the functionality of Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram, where users can instantly share messages, photos and videos with their friends. However, ChatFOSS allows young people freedom while ensuring all conversations remain securely between just them and their buddies. ChatFOSS encourages one-to-one communication, carries no advertising, and does not allow strangers to search for or contact your children.

Azoomee (6 and older): This is a subscription-based, closed environment where kids can play games, watch videos, and chat. The content receives consistent positive reviews.

GeckoLife (4 and older): A free app that allows kids to share moments, stories, and engage with family and friends in a safe environment. Common sense Media says, “families can share photos and ideas among themselves only or within an approved and monitored small group, allowing parents to model and teach good social media habits… the concept and its privacy features are fabulous!”

And one to look out for…

BEWARE: Facebook/Meta’s Messenger Kids (6–12 years), a messaging app that encourages kids to connect with friends and family “in a safe environment controlled by parents” has received multiple complaints, information breeches, and safety concerns every year since its inception. Use with caution.