Getting Started in Writing – Class visit testimonial
writerI’d like to say a special thank you to all the writers who attended the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) inaugural “4th Thursday Roundtable.” We had a full house with every stripe of writer, from novelists to picture book writers, playwrights to poets. Thank you all for a wonderful evening! Author Anne Clermont and I spoke on the topic of Getting Started in Writing.
I’m especially touched by this testimonial which arrived in my email the morning after:

From Jennifer Hager, acclaimed book editor:

“Rebecca, you were fabulous last night!

Every segment you addressed was crystal clear and well-organized. You packed so much storytelling wisdom into a short space! I especially liked the fact that you included seemingly “obvious” things that we’d expect most writers to know, but then you hung other critical considerations on those branches. So for me, the whys of all the things you mentioned were answered–just by the way you presented them.

Once you started, your own passion for story took over. What I noticed was the strong, lively energy pouring out of you, and how you directed that energy to each person around the table. Your teaching presence reminded me of the velocity in your writing in Radio Head–nothing superfluous or unfocused, everything needed and carrying its message.

You are a good teacher!”

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