Is a novel’s outline ever really finished? Time to overhaul…
I have finally finished my rewrite of  Chapter Two, after some constructive criticism from my husband. The rewrite helped me envision a more dramatic and challenging path for my character Aaron Langley, which required the introduction of a new character, Bernie Staithe.
But doesn’t this compromise my (agonizingly time-consuming) outline? Certainly it does. And therefore it is the next thing to be overhauled, because I can’t seem to write a chapter without becoming inspired to alter the future paths of my characters.
This is either the result of undiagnosed A.D.D. or just the reality of the outline as it relates to a work-in-progress. Sigh.
My main conundrum (and I would greatly appreciate your wisdom and advice on this one) is whether to continue my plan to narrate each chapter with the inner monologues of my three main characters. The outline is set up so the storyline rotates between each of their perspectives, and while I’m writing from each perspective, the narration reflects their individual “voices.”
I’m wondering now if that makes sense, and would be reader friendly (or unfriendly)?
Should I unite them under one cohesive narrative voice?
Lastly, my main character gets pregnant by the impact character’s nemesis. I’m wondering if this is necessary or overkill, considering the string of betrayals she will dish out—and have to fix, if she hopes to save her family.