Considering a Writing Conference? The 10 Best in United States

The 10 Best Writing Conferences in the United States

Filed in Business / Career By Guest on August 5th, 2010

The following article is a guest post from Sarah Snow.

Writing is a constantly evolving craft. If you consider yourself a writer, it is important that you hone your skills on a regular basis. The following ten conferences offer workshops, guest speakers, and information on publishing. Attending these can be a great way to not only improve your writing, but also to get in touch with individuals in your field.

The ASJA Writer’s Conference is held annually in New York City. The American Society of Journalists and Authors has offered this conference to the public for forty years. This event is a great place to meet and get advice from publishers and accomplished non-fiction writers, learn about topics varied from craft to marketing, and even attend “how-to” workshops.

The Society of Professional Journalists offers an annual convention, the SPJ Convention and National Journalism Conference. This is a place to learn about diverse topics such as the future of journalism, social networking and blogging, personal branding, professional development, law and journalism, and several different styles of journalism. This convention will provide the professional or layman journalist with a wealth of tools and tricks to survive in a swiftly changing environment.

The Creative Freelancer Conference is an annual conference designed specifially for freelance writers. This conference provides panels on topics like prioritizing, financing, personal marketing, time management, and legal concerns. Not only will the freelance writer learn about craft, but they will also have the opportunity to network with other freelancers.

The Writers and Editors One on One conference is an annual limited space conference for freelance writers. If you sign up early enough you are guaranteed to have a one-on-one meeting with an editor. This conference is by application only and requires regional magazine writing experience. The benefit of the conference in addition to one-on-one session is that most freelancers gain work through the conference that significantly increases their income.

The Society for Environmental Journalists hosts an annual conference designed to bring policy makers and writers together. This opportunity will increase the freelance writer’s network, they will learn about key issues and tactics for writing about public policy and environmental concerns. Writers will have the opportunity to attend panels and workshops as well as entering the field with scientists and policy makers to see the issues hands on.

The 2010 Conference and Online Journalism Awards is an annual conference that offers panels as well as a career fairl. This conference also provides discussion about online tools and applications, strategy, and design and technology. This is not only an opportunity for a writer to further their career, but also to learn tips about their trade.

Harvard’s School of Journalism offers the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism . This conference is helpful to both journalists and freelance writers. Subjects covered in the past have ranged from ethics to how writing effects government and policy. This conference can be a great place to consider the impact of your writing as well as workshop and learn new techniques.

The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference is created specifically for the nonfiction writer. Subjects featured at this conference include writing non-fiction novels and essays and past years have focused on the art of crafting a nonfiction story. This conference will be beneficial to journalists, freelance writers, and novelists alike.

The Erma Brobeck Writer’s Conference is guaranteed to make you laugh. This conference focuses on humor writing for every genre of writer. This is a good place to practice your ability to tantalize your readership with mirth no matter how serious your subject.

Sarah Snow is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and a writer on accredited online colleges for Guide to Online Schools.