10 tips for parents who are struggling to care for a teen in emotional crisis

Parents face many struggles when their teens are going through an emotional crisis. They often experience their own mental health challenges, with rates of anxiety and depression comparable to those of their teen children. A teen’s emotional and behavioral challenges can exacerbate parents’ feelings of guilt, shame, and frustration, particularly if they perceive these challenges […]

Three age-appropriate social media platforms for kids… and one to think twice about

Did you child receive a new device over the holidays? Or perhaps you’re concerned about who is sending your child private messages, or the types of ads they may encounter. The following platforms are tailored to provide a safe and engaging online experience for children, with age-appropriate content and safety features. It’s important for parents […]

8 tips for helping teens feel a deep sense of love and belonging

We all want our kids to feel loved. As middle- and high-schoolers grow into adulthood, they experience the myriad joys and disappointments life throws their way. A strong sense of belonging, and of being loved, will support and comfort your teen through the inevitable successes and hardships they’ll experience. But how can we, as parents, […]

6 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Self-Soothe During the Holidays

The holiday season often inspires a wild rollercoaster of emotions in children. As wonderful and exciting as the holidays may be, it can also be a time of overstimulation for children aged 4-11, leading to stress and anxiety. To help children self-soothe during this time, here are 6 effective tips: Lead by example. Children learn […]

Parents Cheat Sheet for this Back to School Season

How Parents Can Prepare This Back to School Season Welcome to this month’s newsletter! We’re here to help you navigate the upcoming school year and ensure a smooth transition for your children. Read on for valuable insights, tips, and resources to make the back-to-school season a success. Getting Back into the Routine As summer winds […]

The Secrets to Handling Teenage Emotions

How to Handle Teenage Emotions The teen years are filled with physical and emotional changes – and supporting teens through these tumultuous years can feel physically and emotionally challenging for adults! We see our teens struggle with managing their emotions. They may be dealing withstress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Here are some creative […]

Supporting Your Teen’s Heart

Navigating Your Teen’s (or Tween’s) Crush Today, we’ll be diving into the exciting and sometimes perplexing world of romantic crushes. As tweens and teens mature, the potential for developing romantic feelings towards others increases significantly. It’s an important milestone in an adolescent’s emotional and social development. So, let’s explore some tips and insights on how […]

Healthy Outlets for Children’s Emotions and Stress

Coping Through Creativity: 6 Tips for Children In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial for children to have healthy outlets for their emotions and stress. Encouraging creativity through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities like arts, music, and reading can provide them with a safe and enjoyable way to cope with life’s challenges. Here are six tips […]

What Teenagers do to Heal

How Art Helps Teenagers Heal When it comes to expressing negative emotions, children and teens may feel tempted to rely on raising their voices, a physical outburst, or saying something they might later regret. Among the many tools for teaching the healthy expression of difficult feelings, the arts offer much fun, engaging, stress-relieving benefits that […]

Become a Social-Emotional Teacher Today!

The Importance of SEL in Adults and Children Being a teen today is harder than ever. We now know that social-emotional learning is integral to education and human development. “SEL advances educational equity and excellence through authentic school-family-community partnerships to establish learning environments and experiences, says Diane M. Hoffman in her peer-reviewed journal article, “Reflecting […]